Top 7 Tips to Improve Gut Health

Top 7 Tips to Improve Gut Health

Karen Morris

Gut health is crucial to living a balanced and healthy life, said to be our second brain, if our guts are not working at their best then our mood and energy levels will suffer greatly. As winter is now well and truly upon us, it is time to get our gut happy and healthy. Here are my top 7 tips for transforming your health this winter and repairing any underlining gut issues.

Stress Management

When we are stressed, elevated levels of cortisol can cause symptoms in the body such as sleeplessness, weight loss and many digestive issues. Behavioural symptoms of stress such as nervousness, procrastination, depression or a sense of overwhelm can directly impair the body’s ability to break down food and extract nutrients. Managing stress is crucial to healing a damaged gut. Meditation, positive affirmations and talking to a friend or writing out your thoughts and feelings can help with managing stress.


When we are hydrated our gut is happy. Often we reach for food when we are not actually hungry but rather dehydrated. Next time you think you are hungry, drink a large glass of water instead and notice if it changes your hunger levels. Staying hydrated allows the body to process the food in our gut and to detoxify any nasties that may be hanging around. Hydration also helps with keeping the bowels regular and preventing constipation.

Give Your Gut a Rest

Constantly eating, especially when not done mindfully, can upset our digestion and cause inflammation and symptoms such as bloating and gas. Give your gut a rest by introducing a weekend once a month of green juices and light, green soups. Your body will love the plethora of micronutrients in the vegetables and it will allow your body time to stop, rest and properly digest. This can create huge improvements in the look and feel of your skin and your energy levels.

Adding ginger into your diet will help calm any inflamed gut. Not only does ginger make a beautiful addition to a vegetable stirfry or marinated fish dinner but it can calm uneasy stomachs. Consumed fresh, dried or powdered, ginger is a wonderful addition to any gut healing regime.


Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory chemical found in turmeric. This potent, bright yellow curcuminoid can reduce inflammation and encourages detoxification in the body. A perfect choice for gut repair.

Limit the Not-So-Goods

Caffeine, coffee and cigarettes can cause stress to our gut, not to mention a whole host of other complications in the body such as skin issues, sleeplessness and mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression.

Cutting out the cigarettes completely will do wonders for your body in a short amount of time. Reducing your intake of coffee and alcohol will also help your gut – and your mind – stay balanced and calm.

If you are having any trouble with your gut health and are suffering from any symptoms including bloating, gas, constipation or simply lacking a zest for life, why not book in for a consult with me so we can work through your issues together. As an experienced naturopath, nutritionist and homeopath, my custom made liquid herbal extracts, flower remedies and essential oils will provide you with the essential nutrients required for a very happy gut.




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