The Power of an Alkaline Diet for Health and Wellbeing

By Karen Morris

This week I’d love to use the blog to discuss the importance of alkalinity in the body. Having an alkaline body will promote a healthy environment within the body that makes disease very hard to form, the more alkaline our bodies the healthier we are. So what exactly is alkalinity in the body and how do we create an alkaline body?

The level of alkalinity in your body is measure by pH levels. We do this easily here at Herbs Online Shop through use of pH testing strips, which is as simple as putting a small drop of saliva on the end of a strip of testing paper, depending on what colour the paper turns will indicate your current alkaline levels.

The reason why having an alkaline body is so critical is because it is our alkaline levels that dictate our levels of health and wellbeing. Diet is a huge factor that plays into your pH levels, the more fat, salt and processed foods the lower our pH levels will be. Alkalinity is generated through green plants, vegetables and overall the quality of your nutrition. A diet of the wrong kinds of food and drink can cause excess build-up of acid in your body, such as a Western diet of fast foods, package foods, minimal fruits and vegetables and excess alcohol and sugar. This kind of diet clogs up the digestive system and makes it very difficult for the kidneys and lungs to keep your body’s pH balance in check. If your pH reading is lower than 7, it means your body has excess acid.

At we stock beautiful herbal extract drops called Alkalising Herbal Drops which work to reduce acid in the body and contain powerful alkalising ingredients such as extracts of dandelion root, stinging nettle, turmeric, yellow dock and burdock root.

In addition to our Alkalising Herbal Drops it is important to look at your lifestyle and what factors can be contributing to your pH levels. Stress, lack of sleep, pollution and over-exercising (which causes lactic acid to form) can cause acid to build up and create premature ageing, sagging skin and even cognitive deterioration and osteoporosis. Unfortunately, due to the lack of education on this topic many people think their cognitive decline or osteoporosis is due to age but in actual fact many of these problems are signs that your body is becoming too acidic.

There are many steps you can take today to begin to reverse a build up of acid in the body. The first being to really look at the food you are eating and begin swapping packaged and processed foods for fresh vegetables, dark leafy greens, fruit, lean proteins and of course plenty of fresh clean water to help detoxify and flush the system. The more greens the better so if you can incorporate green juices, big bowls of salad and reduce (preferably eliminate) coffee and swap with water and herbal teas you will be off to a great start.

With Covid, colder months approaching and a general sense of fear and uncertainty at the moment, our state of health has never been more imperative to nurture. Simple things like incorporating more green plants into your diet will dramatically boost your overall wellbeing, assist with keeping immunity strong and help the body recover faster when needed.

If you are after more information about how to improve alkaline levels in the body, or if you are interested in our Lung Health Protocol packages please reach out. If you’re not already, why not follow us on social media @herbsonlineshop. That’s all for this week, stay safe and have a great weekend.

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