Slimming and Weight Loss Liquid Herbs  By Karen Morris

This week I would like to highlight a liquid herbal extract which is always a best seller via the Herbs Online Shop website. 

With obesity being one of the main causes of heart disease, joint pain, inflammation and an endless list of other concerns, I value health products that can really make a difference in the weight-loss arena. Unlike the chemical-filled powders and pills that are advertised to us daily, my Slimming Weight Loss Liquid Herbal Extractis crafted with pure liquid herbs that are designed to help you lose weight the healthy way.

The Herbs Online Shop Slimming Weight Loss Liquid Herbal Extractis crafted with turmeric, cinnamon, gymnema and green tea extract. A wonderful supplement that has received much praise from clients who have struggled with their weight for many years. 

Turmeric is a very rich source of antioxidants and can significantly reduce the inflammation in the body that is associated with obesity. A reduction in inflammation will help give any weight loss plan a great head start and will make the transition into an exercise program much easier too. Gymnema is a powerful herb which I use for patients who are struggling with a sweet tooth, gymnema can have a very positive effect on sugar cravings and can also help to curb the appetite. I use cinnamon in this supplement because not only does it taste gorgeous but it has been shown to reduce the side-effects of fatty foods and balance blood glucose levels. I include green tea extract in this supplement because of it’s ability to stimulate digestion and aid the body in burning calories, which will obviously help with weight loss!

In addition to this helpful herbal extract, I always get my weight-loss patients to commence the Herbs Online Shop Weight Loss Program, which includes the following every day:

  1. 30 Minute walk 
  2. 8 glasses of water (filtered if possible)
  3. Probiotic 
  4. Getting into bed 1 hour earlier 
  5. 5 minutes of meditation 
  6. Three additional serves of vegetables

Weight loss can be a long and sometimes challenging process, but there is always, always help. If you’re thinking of beginning a weight-loss journey, why not get in touch and together we can devise a plan just for you.

As always, please feel free to get in touch with me via the contact page and if you’re not already, why not follow the @herbsonlineshop Instagram account and Facebook page and group. I post daily about my clinic, my top health tips and information about custom herbs and supplements, just for you!


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