Six Ways to Reach Your Goal

Six Ways to Reach Your Goal

Karen Morris

This week has been very busy with lots of new orders coming in since the start of the first www.herbsonlineshop.com30 Day Challenge! This challenge is all about detoxing (clean eating!) so we can repair our gut health and get our bodies feeling and looking healthy. Just to recap, the 30 Day Challenge is open to everyone – and if you haven’t started yet, you can start today! My challenges are ongoing, so you’re always welcome to pick up when and where it suits you. If you haven’t joined the www.herbsonlineshop.comFacebook group (just follow Herbs Online Shop Facebook page and join the group!) now is the time! Below are the ‘rules’ of the challenge

30 days

No sugar

No diet soda

No gluten

No fried food

No white bread


30 minutes exercise a day

At the end of the 30 days there will be a lucky winner of a FREE ONE HOUR CONSULTATION AND FREE SUPPLEMENTS!

All you have to do is be active in the 30 Day Challenge community. We want to know how YOU are feeling, what challenges you’re facing and how you’re going with the challenge. So without further adieu, here are some helpful tips to assist you while you complete your first 30 days. No matter how big your goal is, with the right preparation and mindset, you can achieve it.

  1. Consider Your Environment – sometimes a change of scenery is all we need to boost our mindsets and give us the edge we’ve been looking for. If you feel flat in the gym or uninspired in your living environment, maybe it’s time to switch things up!


  1. Stay on the path – reaching any worthwhile goal will require commitment at times when you don’t really feel like being committed. Stay on the path when temptation turns up by being prepared in


  1. Self- Awareness – knowing your weaknesses and how you have reacted in the past in the face of challenges will help you as you move towards reaching your goal. If you have a habit of sleeping in past the alarm, set multiple alarms and try getting to bed earlier. If you can’t stop at one drink, don’t even walk into the pub!!


  1. Fail – Luckily, this one should come naturally. Failure is the best way to learn, grow and most importantly, do better next time. The more you fail (as long as you learn from it and apply those lessons) the closer you are to success.


  1. Read – Self education is not only empowering but it’s critical to success. As the saying goes, “the more you learn the more you earn”. Audiobooks are a fantastic way to get the knowledge in without having to stay still for hours on end. You can listen to them driving, doing the dishes, walking the dog or even at the gym!


  1. Visualization – Meditating on your goal and holding a vision of the person you are becoming will invite clarity and control into your mind.

As always, please feel free to get in touch with me via the contact page and if you’re not already, why not follow the @herbsonlineshop Instagram account and Facebook page and group. I post daily about my clinic, my top health tips and information about custom herbs and supplements, just for you!


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