Scar Heal Cream Blog By Karen Morris

This week, I’d love to highlight one of Herb Online Shop’s little gems when it comes to healing scars on the skin. Our Scar Heal cream is so popular and I wanted to share this big success with you.  Our Scar Heal Cream is carefully crafted (and made fresh for each order) using a beautiful blend of Comfrey (Symphytum officinale), Arnica, Hypericum, Gotu kola, Goldenseal, and Calendula extracts with a Vitamin E cream base. 

Scar heal cream is ideal for bumps, cuts and grazes that have left a scar on the skin which has not yet completely healed, or for scars that are inflamed and do not seem to be settling down. One of our clients also uses the cream for her eczema and claims it is the most calming cream out there, having tried many others.

Our Scar Heal cream is made using 20% herbal ingredients, it is safe and effective on all skin types, including very sensitive skins, and offers really beautiful results.

The healing power of our Scar Heal Cream is all in the ingredients. With a Vitamin E cream base we know that our skin will be benefiting from rich nutrients, anti inflammatory properties and will be left with a renewed appearance. 

Calendula is full of incredible quick healing properties which act as an antiseptic and also contain astringent compounds. It is these compounds which are able to seal and protect an open wound. As well as protecting the wound, Calendula purifies the area by fighting unwanted germs and by stopping the infection from spreading. Once we’ve stopped the infection, we need Gotu Kola to kickstart the regeneration process.

Gotu Kola is a very popular ingredient in healing products around the world, particularly in Europe and for good reason! Known as the “herb of longevity” it is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial plant which also has many cell renewing benefits. Multiple studies have actually demonstrated that Gotu Kola has significant skin healing compounds, which makes it the perfect choice as a key ingredient in our Scar Heal Cream. 

Another key factor that makes our Scar Heal Cream so effective is that it contains allantoin, which comes from the Comfrey. Allantoin is a substance that helps new skin cells to grow but is also helps to reduce inflammation and keep skin healthy. It is a key ingredient in the cream and one of the reasons we have had such fantastic reviews. Have you tried our Scar Heal Cream before? It is the perfect little “just in case” to have around the house for those times we accidentally bump or graze ourselves (or the kids have too much fun and end up with a cut or graze!). With Christmas coming up it’s also a great little stocking filler or addition to a Christmas hamper. 

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