Relaxation Oil Blend

Relaxation Oil Blend 

Karen Morris

With winter coming up, we can help our immune systems to stay strong by reducing our stress levels, and the best way to do that is by – relaxing! Herbsonlineshop’s Relaxation Oil Blend is made from 100% organic essential oil and consists of lime, lavender, and rose geranium in a carrier oil base of sweet almond oil. One of my top tips is to relax in a bath using the blend as a bath oil by adding 5ml to the bath water. For massages, start with your feet and slowly rub the oil into your muscles. You can also apply to the skin after a bath or shower as a moisturizer and to help relax further.

Relaxation Oil Blend includes:

Lime – Lime essential oil has some pretty amazing properties including antiseptic properties that can treat infection, viral conditions, the common cold, mumps and measles. It is also added to many natural household cleaners for a fresh, clean smell. 

Lavender – Lavender essential oil can promote hair growth, healthy hair, and improve hair loss when massaged into the scalp. The smell of lavender essential oil can help propel moths and mozzies, and if you do happen to be biten, lavender has anti-inflammatory properties than can help reduce pain and discomfort. Lavender oil can also help reduce scars. 

Rose Geranium essential oil – Used for thousands of years and traced back to Ancient Egyptians for beauty treatments, Rose Geranium oil fights infections and can help cleanse a small cut. It has a very beautiful, relaxing aroma and breathing in this aroma reduces inflammation thus helping the body improve breathing and fights against respiratory infections. 

Sweet Almond Oil – This delicious smelling oil is full of essential fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc. It also helps clean pores, prevent acne and heal skin allergy eczema and psoriasis. It also helps promote healthy hair, can remove bags under the eyes and can help relieve muscle pain and soreness. It can also act as a rich moisturizer to relieve and rejuvenate dry skin.

If you are wanting to try some Relaxation Oil Blend please do get in touch or, if you would like to know more about any of our herbs and supplements give us a call on 02 9555 5117. At Herbs Online Shop we post direct to you, saving you time and money, simply place your order of herbs online or on the phone and we send your herbs and supplements to you the same day! Want to know more? Why not join the Herbs Online Shop community and follow us on Instagram @herbsonlineshop and Facebook, Herbs Online Shop. 


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