Quercetin Powder – Relief from allergy reactions due to bushfire smoke and other toxins.   by Karen Morris

With the heavy smoke due to bushfires, it is vital that we take steps to keep our health in check. With the heavy smoke due to bushfires, it is vital that we take steps to keep our health in check. Bushfire smoke creates a toxin-heavy quality of air and many patients have had difficulty breathing and managing their asthma. If this occurs, and to reduce the incidence of allergy based conditions such as itchy eyes, roof of mouth, coughing, my go-to is always Herbs Online Shop Quercetin Powder

Quercetin powder is an excellent natural anti histamine, as it prevents immune cells from releasing histamines, which are chemicals that cause allergic reactions. Just a 1g dose twice a day will allow quercetin to fight free radical damage, the effects of aging and inflammation in the body. With the heavy smoke we are currently experiencing in Australia, Quercetin is a very useful addition to any breakfast, smoothie or snack. It works by reducing symptoms of allergy response by providing the body with an abundant does of antioxidants that inhibit histamine release, suppresses eosinophilic inflammation, prevents breakdown of collagen and overall acts as a relieve and repair agent in the body. 

Quercetin Powder is a type of flavonoid antioxidant that’s found in plant foods, including leafy greens, tomatoes, berries and broccoli. Quercetain is known as a “plant pigment,” because it is found in rich pigmented, nutrient-dense fruits and veggies and is considered as one of the most abundant antioxidants in the human diet!! The importance of antioxidants in the body is crucial in the anti-aging process, and quercetin plays an important role in this because it helps slow aging due to quercetin’s ability to lessens the effects of oxidative stress on the body.  When our body is exposed to oxidative stress due to a poor diet, high levels of cortisol (stress), poor sleep and exposure to toxins such as bushfire smoke, it can put us at risk for developing sickness and disease.

If you are not yet aware, Herbs Online Shop is currently donating 20kg of Aloe Vera to bushfire relief and I will personally donate all funds received from sales of Aloe Vera to the cause. Please stay tuned for details of which organisation we will be donating too. We appreciate your help as we work together to recover from the devastating effects of the bushfires.

If you are wanting to try some Herbs Online Shop Quercetin Powder please do get in touch or, if you would like to know more about any of our herbs and supplements give us a call on 02 9555 5117. At Herbs Online Shop we post direct to you, saving you time and money, simply place your order of herbs online or on the phone and we send your herbs and supplements to you the same day! Want to know more? Why not join the Herbs Online Shop community and follow us on Instagram @herbsonlineshop and Facebook, Herbs Online Shop. 


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