Pre Workout Herbs

Pre Workout Herbs

Karen Morris

Exercise is one of the best ways to improve all aspects of your health, so to help with your fitness journey, Herbs Online Shop has created a pre workout herbal. Unlike many of the pre-workout supplements on the market, our Pre Workout Herbs are free from chemicals, additives, flavourings and preservatives. We use a very specific and special formula of green tea extract, siberian ginseng, korean ginseng, peppermint and rhodiola liquid extracts. 

Many clients who are just starting to exercise for the first time often ask what the benefits of pre workout supplements are. It is common for a commercial pre workout to be designed with the single purpose of giving you energy, even at the cost of your health. Artificial colourings, artificial flavourings and a whole host of random chemicals with names so long you can’t pronounce, is the typical makeup of a pre workout supplement. Our formula is designed with healing, healthy and powerful herbs to not only increase your energy, but to improve circulation and reduce stress levels. 

Our unique combination of herbs allows the body to benefit from not just a pre workout boost of energy but to assist the body during the workout too. Green tea is a powerful ingredient that will give you that hit of energy you’re after, but will also help to encourage a healthy metabolism of sugars and carbs which is your body’s main source of fuel during your workout. This extract will also provide a fantastic boost of antioxidants and will help support the overall health of your body. One of the most beneficial components of green tea is the slight anabolic effect (this means it will help to build muscle) for those seeking strength and muscle hypertrophy. 

We also use both Siberian ginseng and Korean ginseng for a combination of reasons. Siberian ginseng will help to support oxygen uptake within the body, this means you will be able to utilise oxygen within the body more efficiently while training. Siberian gingseng will also help the body to metabolise lactic acid which means you’ll be able to train harder and for longer. Regardless of your preferred style of exercise, these herbs will allow the body to exercise efficiently and recover easily. During exercise our oxidative stress levels are increased, this is why we use Korean gingseng as it not only lowers oxidative stress, but it increases endurance too!

The use of peppermint has been shown in studies to increase endurance, lower oxygen consumption and lower heart rate in the performance of participants over a ten-day trial. It can also help with issues such as bloating, which will make exercise much easier and more enjoyable. Rhodiola is used for the mental aspect of training, we include Rhodiola in our herbal pre workout to help improve focus and mental clarity. It is also a fantastic herb for 

overall energy as it supports the body in making ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the chemical compound that makes up the primary energy source for every cell in our body. Our combination of herbs allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a pre workout supplement without the disadvantages associated with other products on the market. Our pre workout herb is healthy, natural and truly effective.

We recommend to take 5ml of our Herbs Online Shop pre workout one hour before your workout and feel the difference for yourself! If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch, you can give us a call during normal business hours on 02 9555 5117. At Herbs Online Shop we post direct to you, saving you time and money, simply place your order of herbs online or on the phone and we send your herbs and supplements to you the same day! Want to know more? Why not join the Herbs Online Shop community and follow us on Instagram @herbsonlineshop and Facebook, Herbs Online Shop. 


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