Post Workout Herbs

Post Workout Herbs

Karen Morris

Post workout supplements are everywhere, but how many of those products really contribute to your health and your body’s ability to recover? The answer is not many at all. The benefit of a good post workout supplement is to assist your body in it’s recovery from exercise, this means you will want a product that promotes healthy joint function, increases mobility, decreases inflammation, promotes healthy blood flow, assists detoxification, releases fat storage, helps build muscle, burn calories and allows the body to replenish and restore for optimal recovery! Our Post Workout Herbs offer all of this, because our focus is to aid the body towards optimal health.

Our post workout herbs do not contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. We are 100% chemical free and only use the absolute highest quality herbs. Our unique combination of post workout herbs include turmeric, boswellia, rosehip, dandelion, skullcap and ginger root. 

For healthy joint function and increased mobility, we use the highest grade turmeric root. As you exercise, the body becomes slightly to moderately inflamed (depending on what exercise you are doing) so it is crucial for a post workout supplement to include turmeric, as turmeric supports the body’s inflammatory response while also providing a rich source of antioxidants. The antioxidants in turmeric work to increase blood flow and fight free radicals making it a vital component of a high quality post workout herb. 

As you may or may not have experienced, exercise can bring on the occasional joint pain, for this we use Boswellia for its ability to support the body as it responds to joint pain and to lower inflammation throughout the body. Boswellia promotes healthy blood flow to the body’s connective tissue which allows for replenished cells and fast recovery. It is also a powerful herb for gut health because it nourishes the mucosal lining of the GI tract. Rosehip is included in this herbal mix because of its high levels of nourishing vitamin c and ability to ease inflammation, along with dandelion leaves and root for detoxification, muscle building and improved recovery. Dandelion leaves and root is a very common herb used among elite athletes because of it’s ability to provide the body with nutrients that promote growth and recovery during and after a workout without any nasty side effects.

After any kind of intense exercise like long distance running or any kind of strength or endurance work, it is important to provide the body with an opportunity to relax and unwind. For this we use skullcap due to its mild sedative qualities and nerve support. Skullcap also helps support liver function which is very important for detoxification. 

Last but not least we use ginger root as this is a truly wonderful herb with so many benefits. Not only does ginger root raise metabolic rate but it allows the body to digest food while extracting the most amount of nutrients possible. It is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory so it will allow tight muscles to relax and swelling to subside. 

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