Mullein – The Lung Herbal

By Karen Morris 

August is known as the coldest month in the year, and we are right smack in the middle of August! With more cold weeks ahead of us, coughing and sneezing is still going to be prevalent amongst the community. With everything going on with the pandemic, the more we can do to reduce our own symptoms of cold and flu the better. So, this brings me to mullein, a herb designed to improve lung health in all ways and one of the most popular products in the Herbs Online Shop right now.

Mullein has an incredible amount of healing benefits. It is all natural, safe and gentle on the body whilst also being effective at reducing coughing and shortness of breath. Mullein is used to reduce high blood pressure too, and is an expectorant which means it loosens up and thins mucus so you can cough it up! Mullein improves circulation in your lungs and creates new healthy mucus linings. 

At Herbs Online Shop we have Mullein Herbal Drops and Mullein Cough Syrup as well as Infused Mullein Oil with Calendula. Our Cough Syrup Drops ​​are a natural, non-drowsy, cough herbal with a syrupy consistency and is a natural cough tonic that gives great relief to children and adults, with no side effects. Our Cough Syrup herbal is a blend of marshmallow root, thyme, mullein and pelargonium. Our Mullein Herbal Drops are created using the leaves, flowers and roots of the mullein plant to help with the symptoms of upper airway infections.

Taking care of your lung health is especially important at this time, so incorporating Mullein into your lifestyle is key to prevention and also greatly reduces current symptoms. During Winter remember to stay hydrated too, we can easily forget to drink water when our body is cold, but staying hydrated and keeping warm will keep your immune system strong and help prevent the development of a cough or cold. Keeping your diet vibrant and full of multi-coloured vegetables to ensure you’re getting your micronutrients in is just as important. You may also find in Winter that you need more sleep, this is normal and listening to your body is key. 

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