Mullein Leaf – Herb Drops for Immunity and Lung Health

By Karen Morris

Let’s discuss the benefits of an extraordinary herb which is both potent and powerful, and in my opinion a critical herb to be including in lung health protocols right now. Mullein is anti-inflammatory both within the body and externally as well. It helps ease coughs, dry throats and viral infections and can soothe ear aches and can even be added to tobacco to help smokers who would like to quit. Mullein even helps heal hemorrhoids and gout.

Mullein is a leaf with many purposes, and each part of the plant is used for specific reasons. The Mullein plant is covered in little hairy foliage and is soft to touch, the word Mullein is derived from the Middle English word ‘moleyn’ which means ‘soft’ while the words Verbascum thapsus is a modified Latin word which origins are in the word ‘barbascum’ which means bearded. It’s soft texture has given Mullein a nickname – “nature’s toilet paper”! 

With Omnicron spreading quickly, Mullein is an ideal herbal to keep close. Its leaves, flowers and roots help with the symptoms of upper airway infections and we use all three in our herbal drops. Mullein works so effectively because it contains approximately three percent mucilage, which is thought to be responsible for the soothing actions that mullein has on the body’s mucous membranes. We also stock Infused Mullein Oil with Calendula and Mullein Glycetract Drops. If you would like to discuss how this herbal can benefit you or which one is the right fit for your needs, please schedule your short or extended online naturopathy consultation. 

If you are looking for a way to incorporate more nutrients into your diet to help with immunity, I also recommend trying our Immunity Smoothie. It is simple to make and tastes delicious with lots of vitamin c, magnesium and b vitamins. 

Immunity Smoothie

  • 1 bananas
  • 2 kiwifruits
  • Two cups of spinach
  • 1 cup of orange juice – freshly squeezed if possible, no sugar.
  • 1 teaspoon of spirulina 
  • 1 tablespoon of organic raw bee pollen
  • 1 handful ice

Blend all together and serve immediately. 

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