Mental Health During Stressful Times: Herbals to help your Mental Health

Karen Morris

This week I would like to address how important it is to take a moment and check-in with yourself, especially when it comes to your mental health.

When we stop and ask ourselves how we are going, often the answer might be surprising. I have noticed it is very common that as a culture, when asked how we are getting on we tend to reply “I’m fine” or “I’m good” when really, if we probe a little further we can uncover sources of stress and emotions that if cleared, would dramatically improve our overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Some key questions to ask yourself are below, choose 1 – 2 emotion based words as your answer eg: What do I feel when I think about my current quality of life? Happy, content.

  1. What do I feel when I think about my current quality of life? 
  2. What do I feel when I think about my quality of sleep at night?
  3. What do I feel when I think about my current state of health?
  4. What do I feel when I think about my finances?
  5. What do I feel when I think about my relationships in life?
  6. What do I feel when I think about my future?

If you notice a pattern that your responses may be quite low vibration emotions – eg fear, sadness, frustration – then it’s time to get some help. There are plenty of things you can do to improve your mental health and your outlook on life, and therefore your life itself. These include

  1. Meditation focused on changing your subconscious mind, which opens up your mind to new perspectives, ideas and opportunities you had not previously seen. I highly recommend the research and data-backed meditation work of Neuroscientist and meditation teacher Dr. Joe Dispenza.
  1. Incorporate a long, leisurely stroll into every day, preferably early in the morning or at dusk. This time away from others and away from your devices, allows your mind the time and space to process the events you are currently facing in life, and to provide you with new thoughts and ideas that assist you in overcoming difficult experiences.
  1. Reach out – if you need help with your finances for example, reach out to an accountant or financial planner for advice and have them help you create a budget and get your finances in order.
  1. Health through herbs and nutrition – supplement your diet with herbs to help sooth your adrenals and calm any anxiety (I have listed some below) and focus on clearing sugar and processed foods from your diet. Be mindful of caffeine as this can cause anxiety in some people.
  1. Exercise – cardio that helps you get your heart rate up and break a sweat will flood your body with endorphins that help you get back to a happier state.
  1. Talk it through – Reach out to a friend or family member, or even try calling a service like Beyond Blue or Lifeline, they are there to help everyone and anyone and no problem is too big or too small.
  1. Focus on the new you – Identify 10 key emotions you would like to feel all day everyday in your future (for example, love, bliss, joy, gratitude, appreciation etc..) and practice conjuring up these emotions right now, even if you don’t see any reason to feel them. It is the act of changing your state – your emotions – that will actually change your reality. To evoke change, you must be the change. Soon enough, you will see evidence of your new emotions being reflected in your reality. Stay persistent. 

Herbals for Mental Health, Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Anxiety Herb Extract Drops

Anxiety Herb Extract Drops are a perfect combination of herbal extract drops traditionally used to alleviate anxiety and mild depression. As you know Anxiety can add to daily pressure and problems and can interrupt sleep. Our unique blend of herbs in Anxiety herb extract drops are a simple and natural way to strengthen the resistance of the body to stress, anxiety and mental fatigue.

We use a perfect combination of herbal extract drops with passionflower, saffron, chamomile, withania and lime flowers.

Saffron Herbal Extracts (Low Mood + Depression)

Saffron is for someone who suffers from low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, insomnia, cognitive disorders. Saffron is known to improve brain function, Alzheimers disease and Parkinsons disease. Due to saffron containing zeaxanthin, lycopene, carotene and other antioxidants it is also indicated to support healthy retinal function, eye health and macular degeneration. Saffron can also support normal menstruation for such problems as painful periods, PMS, heavy bleeding.

Good Day and Good Night Tonics

Good Day and Good Night Tonics are designed to enhance your overall vitality, boost your immune function, stabilise your mood and keep you energized all day while improving your sleep at night. Each tonic is crafted to last for one month and is created using very specific herbs that help your body function optimally. Please click on the link to learn more about each one.

If you are interested in learning more please do get in touch, you can call us on (02) 9555 5117 or email us and we can work together to find a natural, herbal solution for you. Why not follow us on social media too? You can find us on instagram at @herbsonlineshop and Facebook at Herbsonlineshop. Thank you for reading our blog! 

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