Menopause Liquid Herbal Extracts By Karen Morris

This week I’d light to spotlight a liquid herbal extract that has some pretty amazing healing and supportive qualities for women. My Herbs Online Shop Menopause Liquid Herbal Extract is created using a unique blend of herbal extracts including Sage, Withania, Black Cohosh, Red Clover, Hops and St Johns Wort. This wonderful herbal is created to assist with menopausal symptoms. The menopausal herbal can make menopause so much more comfortable overall ! Hot flushes, anxiety, insomnia and weight gain are just some of the side effects of menopause that this wonderful Herbal can assist with. 

During the transition leading up to menopause (also known as perimenopause) it is normal for the body to go through sleep disturbances and changes in menstrual bleeding, along with hot flushes, concentration problems and mood swings. Natural Menopause can be completed after 12 months of no menstrual cycle and Post Menopause is the time after this period. The age in which your body begins the Perimenopause stage can influence the severity of your symptoms, for example younger women going through menopause may experience elevated symptoms and some complications. The average age to begin perimenopause is 47 with the final menstrual period being around 51-55.

Menopause can at times be uncomfortable, but there are wonderful herbal supplements available that can really make a difference. Along with the Herbs Online Shop Menopause Liquid Herbal Extract, I have a wonderful supplement called Cimicifuga (Black Cohosh) which can really help to manage menopausal symptoms plus other female health concerns. Cimicifuga works to ease symptoms of dysmenorrhoea (pain and cramping menstruation) while also helping with post-natal depression and emotional symptoms associated with – well, just being female! It has also been shown to help patients who have suffered from repeated miscarriage and are dealing with pain from rheumatic problems during menopause. 

Menopause can be a tricky time, but with the help of some targeted herbal supplements it doesn’t have to be as challenging. Remember to always put your health first, get plenty of rest, relax and do the things that really bring you joy. If you are after any more information about these herbals or supplements that can help, please feel free to give me a call anytime on 02 9555 5117 or via the contact page. Also, if you’re not already, why not follow the @herbsonlineshop Instagram account and Facebook page and group. I post daily about my clinic, my top health tips and information about custom herbs and supplements, just for you!


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