Meadowsweet Liquid Herbal Extract  By Karen Morris

This week, I’d love to spotlight a liquid herbal extract that I find particularly helpful for anyone suffering from digestive issues. As a Naturopath and a Nutritionist, many of my clients come to me at first thinking they have food intolerances – which isn’t always the case. Due to intense dieting, unhealthy food choices, stress, lack of sleep or many other reasons (including certain medications and hormonal imbalances) our digestive systems can easily become “out of whack”. When you are experiencing symptoms such as bloating, diarrhoea, gas or general discomfort when eating, it is vital to get checked for food intolerances (I can do them within one hour right here at our clinic) however, there is a lot we can do to help ease symptoms as your digestive track heals. This is where Meadowsweet Liquid Herbal Extractcomes in. 

Meadowsweet liquid herbal extract works by soothing the mucus membrane of the digestive track and lining of the stomach, which can become irritated for any of the reasons listed above. It also plays a key role in reducing the levels of acidity in the body and inhibits growth of bacteria such as the Helicobacter pylori bacteria. Chronic ulcers and lesions that form in the stomach can also contribute to digestive issues and studies have shown that Meadowsweet is a fantastic herb to use in order to prevent these conditions from occurring. Helicobacter pylori bacteria can live within us without ever causing an issue, however for some people, unfortunately it can become a severe cause of distress and in some cases lead to death. Meadowsweet has some incredible anti-inflammatory properties due to the salicylic acid, which will immediately act to reduce inflammation and distress in the digestive track. It is the salicylic acid which eases rheumatic pain, while the tannin and mucilage prevent any adverse effects from the isolated salicylates. Many of the compounds of Meadowsweet also work to reduce free radicals in the body, which are the cause for many inflammatory issues. Meadowsweet is a wonderful herb which I highly recommend as a starting point for anyone dealing with digestive issues. I’ve had many patients report a huge improvement in their symptoms from just the first use of Meadowsweet.

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