How to Stay on Track on Christmas Day By Karen Morris

Christmas Day is just a few days away which means a LOT of temptation is headed our way. By this time, we’ve usually had one or two Christmas parties done and dusted but are (hopefully) still getting in some daily exercise. If we keep on top of our daily 30 – 45 minute goal of heading out for a walk or hitting the gym, weight gain over the Christmas season can be greatly reduced. In this blog, I’m going to share some handy tips for sticking to your fitness goals when you’re surrounded by temptation, while also sharing one of my best selling herbs that can help with Christmas bloat!


  1. Indulge…a little!

Christmas is truly a time to relax and unwind, so do indulge and enjoyed your favourite foods. However, keep your goal in mind while you do. Consuming too much food, or food that we react too negatively (like dairy or gluten) will still come with consequences even though it’s Christmas Day. If dairy usually upsets your stomach, continue to avoid it, even if it means taking your own dairy-free dish or offering a dessert or dressing to the Christmas table that suits your diet.


  1. Workout before the big lunch!

If your family does Christmas lunch, get in a workout early that morning. There really is no greater way to start the day than to get down to the beach for a walk. Why not head over to the beach, park or even the gym if you have 24 hour access, and get in a workout – I promise the rest of the day will be THAT much better if you do.


  1. Try a bloat-reducing liquid herbal extract

My special Bloating Liquid Herbal Extractsare full of gorgeous peppermint, fennel, chamolie, slippery elm, marshmallow and cramp bark which reduce uncomfortable bloating and can also reduce nausea, motion sickness, gas and plenty of other digestive issues. These drops work by promoting the absorption and elimination of gas to improve digestive function in the intestine. My tip is to keep a bottle in your purse or bag during Christmas lunch, just knowing these beautiful herbs are there and ready to use is often a deterrent for overeating and binging on sweets!

Thank you for all your support this year, what a wonderful year it has been. Stay safe over the Christmas break and enjoy yourself! Stay healthy, fit and listen to your body. Merry Christmas!

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