How to keep calm during troubled times

By Karen Morris

The last few years have been tough, haven’t they? We have been going through some unprecedented times, what with the pandemic, and now we are witnessing countries at war.

And all the while we are bombarded daily by the news and the media, with negativity, fear and chaos.

So it’s important to work at keeping a calm mind and especially, a calm nervous system.

Of course, we recommend having a healthy balance of fresh air, rest, exercise, and healthy food is key, but what happens when you’re doing all those good things, yet still not feeling rested and still feeling the chaos in your mind/body system?

You feel exhausted, run-down, and like you’re constantly treading water just to stay afloat.

We live in a world where our nervous systems are on constant alert.

You know that fight or flight response?

It’s actually a good thing to have that response, to keep us out of harm’s way, if for example, you step out onto the road and a car is coming, you will notice your system alerts you to move out of the way.

You may feel your heart beat faster, your breathing quicken and notice some sweating.

But if these anxious responses hang around in your system, if you don’t calm down and regulate again, it becomes your body’s “new normal”.

If left untreated for too long, these stress responses may contribute to some serious health conditions later down the line. Things like high blood pressure, auto-immune disease and even some cancers.

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