How Are You Doing? Self-care check-in time…

By Karen Morris

With everything going on in the world right now, it’s time to check-in with ourselves.

I would like to use this week’s blog to discuss the importance of mental health and physical wellbeing. As a Naturopath, I specialise in natural medicine, the more we get back to nature the more wellbeing we experience. Our natural state is one of happiness, joy and health. During times of stress and uncertainty we go into survival mode and living in this state creates enormous stress on the body.

I think it’s a very important time now to stop, breathe and regulate. Have a mental-health check in day today, take today as an opportunity to re-assess where you are in your current level of happiness, joy and health. Of course with the news, and work pressures, family pressures and the uncertainty in the world it can be easy to succumb to the negativity, however, when we do this we give away our power.

We all have a choice, we can choose to be happy by being what Dr Joe Dispenza calls “being greater than your environment” which means bringing a greater energy to a situation than the current energy you have. For example, to change a work problem, tension in a relationship, a lack of money, disease in the body – show up with a different energy in regards to this. If you feel lack and stress, work through these emotions in meditation and then focus your energy on peace and ease. If you feel hopeless, focus your energy on solution – every problem or challenge has an answer but many times it requires a different level of consciousness to uncover the solution. Energy and emotions govern our life and our life experience. It is so important to check in with yourself, become aware of the thoughts you are thinking, become aware of the emotions you feel moment by moment and ask yourself, “is this the emotion I want to bring with me into my future?”. We can all use this time to become greater versions of ourselves and we do this by stopping to find some time to regulate, assess and choose differently.

Prioritising your health right now is critical. We must use this time to become our healthiest, strongest, versions of ourselves instead of allowing current circumstances to dictate our levels of happiness, joy and health. During lockdown there are plenty of things you can do to become healthier and happier, here are some of my top suggestions.

  1. Time in the sun every single morning – get outside for a walk, fresh air and sun on the skin. It is crucial that you are breathing fresh air and getting vitamin D every single day.
  2. Focus on your nutrition, use this time to make choices that will help improve your health – assess your diet. Do you need help and structure with your nutrition? Do you need a plan? Are you aware of what you’re putting in your body every day?
  3. Meditate – 20 minutes in a dark, quiet room. Let any emotions that need to come up surface and feel them all without avoiding anything no matter how painful. We heal when we feel. Then, make a conscious choice to choose a new emotion that you would like to carry with you into your future and focus your awareness and attention on this as you go throughout your day.
  4. Exercise – every single day, even some light stretching is a huge benefit to your body.
  5. Sleep – sleep is vital to our mental wellbeing. When we sleep the body recovers and rejuvenates. Prioritise your sleep so you are giving your body the time and space to renew and repair.

If you are finding yourself in need of help with nutrition, supplementation or mental health we offer a range of services that can assist you with your wellbeing. Reach out today via our website by booking in your short or extended consultation. Be kind to yourself and focus on where you would like to be, where you are going and how you will feel when you get there. This is an amazing time and opportunity to become our strongest, healthiest selves if we stop, breathe and make some new choices.

As always, we are here to help! If you would like to discuss how our herbal supplementation protocols can help you with your health and wellbeing journey, give us a call on 02 9555 5117 or book in your short or extended consultation.

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