Herbal Medicine – Could it be an effective, safe, treatment for Coronavirus?

With the daily updates of Coronavirus not showing any signs of improvement, I think it is time we look at what we can do ourselves to prevent and protect ourselves from coronavirus. 

In this blog I share the power of herbal medicine and how it plays a crucial role in healing the body.

Research has shown that the role of herbal medicine can indeed fight the Wuhan coronavirus, according to this article by Green Medi Info there is certain evidence that clearly shows plant medicine fighting the signs of the viral Coronavirus infection which include the below:

  • Runny nose
  • Cough
  • Mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illness
  • Sore throat

As with the case of SARS, the most at-risk are elderly and young, as well as anyone who has a suppressed immune system and is already fighting disease such as cancer. Viruses such as SARS and Coronavirus have been proven to all have “glycoprotein shells around them” and thanks to nature, red algae extract might play a huge role in treatment:

“According to doctors at the University of California: Griffithsin is a marine algal lectin that exhibits broad-spectrum antiviral activity by binding oligomannose glycans on viral envelope glycoproteins. The researchers are discussing what is also called a mannose-binding lectin. Mannose-binding lectins have been shown to penetrate and break down the shells that surround this class of viruses – which includes nCoV-2019 virus.”
‘Can Herbal Medicines Fight Wuhan Coronavirus? By Case Adams, Naturopath

Licorice root, another wonderful gift from nature, has been used as a traditional treatment for lung infections and other viral symptoms of the respiratory tract for thousands of years. Specifically, licorice contains glycyrrhizic acid which stimulates adrenal secretions ensuring that normal function is maintained. By enhancing cortisol activity, glycyrrhizin helps to increase energy, ease stress, and reduce the symptoms of ailments which are sensitive to high levels of cortisol, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Our Herbs Online Shop Licorice herb extract is prescribed to clients who have low blood pressure, peptic ulcers, reflux, PCOS and high cortisol levels (stress). Licorice root is also good for skin issues due to the high levels of antioxidant glabridin and licochalcone A, both of which have powerful anti-aging and skin healing properties.   Licorice is not recommended though for high blood pressure.

But when it comes to licorice root, it is very important that we acknowledge just how powerful it really is when it comes to healing the lungs. According to this article by Optimal RX Herbal medicine, including licorice root, plays a huge role in treating viruses, thanks to the research provided after the outbreak of SARS.

“The following antiviral phytomedicines have demonstrated activity against the coronavirus: Baical Skullcap, Japanse Knotweed and Licorice. Another phytomedicine that may be extremely important in supporting the respiratory system during coronavirus infections is Lomatium…this phytomedicine is specific for viruses that target the respiratory tract. Because it appears that most of the antiviral compounds contained in Lomatium are secreted through the mucosa of the lungs it may be applicable in both treatment and prevention of coronavirus.”

In this article by The New York Times titled In Coronavirus, China Weighs Benefits of Buffalo Horn and Other Remedies the article starts with “China is advising doctors to consider mixing Western antiviral drugs with traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of the coronavirus” and goes on to state that a particular remedy being used contains gallstones of cattle – which is worth more than gold (According to Chicago Tribune.com “The valuable gallstones are found in cows. Currently, cow gallstones are worth more than $600 an ounce. Gold is selling for about $425 an ounce”). 

I think it is safe to say, herbal medicine has proven to have its place in western medicine and is a resource we can all use to not only treat but prevent the spread of viruses, no matter if it is the flu or something much more serious like coronavirus. 

I have been making a special herbal made with Licorice, Baical Skullcap, Japanese Knotweed, Lomatium and Astragalus to help facilitate the immune system to fight and prevent the coronavirus.

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