Good Day & Good Night Tonic

Good Day & Good Night Tonics

Good Day and Good Night Tonics are designed to enhance your overall vitality, boost your immune function, stabilise your mood and keep you energized all day while improving your sleep at night. Each tonic is crafted to last for one month and is created using very specific herbs that help your body function optimally.

GOOD DAY TONIC – 200ml $59 

Dose: 7ml daily. 

Good Day enhances your body’s ability to function optimally all day long and is an energy tonic. In order to optimise the body, and support and enhance immune function supplementation of the highest quality herbals are crucial.

Our Good Day Tonic is made up of liquid herbal extracts of Siberian ginseng, Green tea, Cinnamon, Elderberry, Astragalus, Cats Claw and St Marys Thistle.

Why do we use these ingredients?

  • Siberian ginseng – specifically designed to increase energy while reducing cortisol (stress response).                    
  • Green tea – powerful source of antioxidants, ideal for energy and weight management.              
  • Cinnamon – balances blood sugar levels while helping to decrease sugar and carbohydrate cravings.                                                                                         
  • Elderberry – tastes amazing and has the added bonus of being high in vitamin C, boosts the immune system and is an antiviral.                                                       
  • Astragalus – specifically useful for modulating and supporting the immune system.  
  • Cats Claw – reduces inflammation in the joints and also as an antiviral agent.              
  • St Marys Thistle – stage 1 and stage 2 liver detoxification supports liver function to filter daily toxins.

GOOD NIGHT TONIC – 200ml $59 

Dose: 7ml daily. 

A good night of sleep is a key element in optimising the body during the day. Good Night Tonic is a sleep herbal that has been carefully crafted using specific herbals that help you relax, unwind and sleep deeper. 

A good sleep is crucial to your overall health, a strong immune system, mood stability and brain optimisation.  Unfortunately, about 30% of people suffer from insomnia, or the chronic inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, or achieve restorative, high-quality sleep. Good Night Tonic will dramatically improve your sleep quality and allow your body to recover and restore itself. 

Good Night is designed using liquid herbal extracts of Passionflower, Zizyphus, Oats, Valerian and Withania.

Why do we use these ingredients?

  • Passionflower – Traditionally, Passionflower has been used to alleviate anxiety and improve sleep and is classed as a nervous system restorative.
  • Zizyphus – straight from the fruit, Zizyphus is a natural anti-stress food, has anti-anxiety properties and is an antidepressant that enables the plant to have a soothing effect on your body and mind.
  • Oats – Oats are considered one of the best remedies for “feeding” the nervous system, particularly in times of stress and in the case of nervous system weakness or exhaustion associated with depression, overwork, or emotional trauma.
  • Valerian – Valerian is a herb that has been used for centuries to treat problems like insomnia, nervousness and headaches.
  • Withania – Withania reduces cortisol and allows the mind to rest and has a nourishing effect on those who have been convalescing from physical and/or mental stress.


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