Glucosamine – Heal Painful Joints, Ease Arthritis and Heal your Body

By Karen Morris

This week I would like to introduce you to our Glucosamine HCL Powder, an easy to use powder that can be added to your protein shakes for natural, effective supplementation to heal painful bones and joints. 

Glucosamine is found in the connective tissue that cushions the end of bones and joints. If there is damage to the end of bones through the wearing down of cartilage, it puts pressure on joints like hips and knees. Glucosamine is found in cartilage, it is a building block in our cartilage so by providing the body with a supplementation of glucosamine, you are naturally providing the body with the tools it needs to repair and heal. Glucosamine is so beneficial for supporting the health of your joints and bones that it is the go-to supplementation provided by even doctors for people who have had surgeries to replace hips and knees. 

Glucosamine is very a powerful supplementation and helps many different areas of your body from your joints, to your bones, to your cartilage and even your digestive tract. If you have any joint problems like joint pain, pulled tendons, torn rotator cuffs or arthritis then glucosamine should be in your diet! Part of the healing process of a painful joint or bone is bringing in new nutrients into the area and flushing toxins out. If you have an injury and want to repair it quickly, Glucosamine is ideal to help the body by providing it with what it needs to heal and getting those nutrients where they need to go. Glucosamine assists the digestive track from easing and healing conditions like IBS, Leaky Gut and Crohn’s disease. Along with L-Glutamine, which will help heal your damaged gut lining, glucosamine actually sends signals to your body to help it repair the gut.

In recent medical studies, Glucosamine was found to be beneficial for bone repair particularly in the jaw (TMJ) or any kind of pain of the jaw or issue like clicking jaw. It was found that with 500 – 1,500mg of glucosamine was just as effective as taking medication such as Panadol or Advil for removing pain.

You can easily add glucosamine into your diet through supplementation or through foods like bone broth. Glucosamine is abundant in collagen and bone broth powders but Herbs Online Shop also has our own version, which is our Glucosamine HCL Powder. Simply add 1 serve into your protein shake or water for your daily dose of glucosamine. 

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