Five Detox Tips to Cleanse Body & Mind By Karen Morris

Detoxing is a powerful way to reset your body, spirit and mind. When I recommend a patient undergo a period of detoxification, it always includes a phase where we focus on the spirit and mind too. In addition to some wonderful detoxing herbs like my Burdock Liquid Herbal Extract, I recommend incorporating some of the following ideas if you are truely after a whole body cleanse. Remember, if we are healthy and strong in our bodies but not our mental health, then we cannot truely be healthy and strong. Try some of the following and let me know how you go.

1) Feel Gratitude Before You Sleep
As the day wraps up and you put your head on the pillow, take a moment to reflect on what went RIGHT during your day. What did you do that you’re proud of, how did you handle a situation that perhaps in the past you would not have handled as well? If you can truely muster up a sense of accomplishment, even if it’s just because you drank your 8 glasses of water (which is great!), this will begin to have an effect on your subconscious. Be grateful for your progress, the things that went right and your life.

2) Journal
Reflecting on your day and your goals for the future can significantly improve your sense of clarity towards your identity and the path you’re on. Writing for five to ten minutes a day and jotting down some ideas for what you want out of life and how you can best make it happen will help ignite creative sparks that can lead to your goals becoming manifest in your life.

3) Read
I highly recommend the book The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell. Audiobooks are a fantastic way to still absorb the lessons of powerful books, while still getting things done! I listen to audiobooks in the car, at the gym or when I’m cleaning!

4) Exercise
Nourish the mind through the body by exercising. When we work up a sweat and move our muscles we are programming our body to become fitter, healthier and stronger. In my opinion, overcoming challenges in the gym directly leads to an improved ability to overcome challenges outside the gym.

5) Trust
Have faith in the Universe and in your ability to deal with whatever life throws at you. Spend three days practising a true sense of trust in life and your path and watch how things change for you, especially your sense of inner peace and happiness.


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