Essential Oil Emergency Kit   by Karen Morris

Have you ever noticed that it is only when you are in most need of something that you go to your cupboard to get it, only to realise that you’ve run out? For many of my friends and patients this has happened too many times and it is for that reason that I created the Herbs Online Shop Essential Oil Emergency Kit. These essential oils are my absolute favourites and are all capable of serious healing powers and the benefit of having the whole kit means there is always an essential oil there when you need it. From easing digestive discomfort, healing cuts and grazes, improving memory and reducing cramps and bloating, the Herbs Online Shop Essential Oil Emergency Kit has it all. 

With ten essential oils to choose from you can take your pick depending on how you feel in the moment, mix and match or combine one of the oils with a carrier oil like sweet almond oil which is perfect for massage. Without any fillers or additives, you are getting only 100% pure essential oil of the highest quality.

The best way to use the essential oils is either in a diffuser or mixed in a carrier oil for the purpose of rubbing onto the skin.  Either at the effected area or all over in a massage.

Our essential oils are crafted using a careful selection of the finest essential oils, this kit contains:




Clary Sage

Tea Tree

Fennel Sweet





So which oil should you start off with? Well, as always, take a minute to tune into yourself and ask yourself how you’re feeling and what you need some help with at the moment. If you’re feeling stressed, Lavender is the perfect starting point. Our Lavender Essential Oil helps to reduce stress and create a calming effect on the body. It is also perfect for healing small cuts and grazes and soothing bee stings, insect bites, hives or any other kind of skin irritation. As a powerful antihistamine it offers the body an opportunity to heal and rest by also helping insomnia and reducing stress and anxiety. Add a drop to your pillow case to aid in a restful nights sleep, Add a couple of drops to a carrier oil for a relaxing massage, or add a few drops to a diffuser to create a calming space. When it comes to a survival kit, Lavender is an absolute must!

If you are feeling like you need a bit of a detox and cleanse, Lemon is the next essential oil you need to have close by. This wonderful oil helps to dissolve toxins in the body and can also boost your immune system helping to ease symptoms of colds and flu. As a powerful disinfectant and antiseptic it can rid any signs of a budding infection and help concerns such as gout, sore throats and upset stomachs. It is also truly helpful with issues of being overtired and fatigued (of course, sleep helps with this too!). 

Speaking of digestive healing, an essential oil survival kit is not complete without Peppermint. Peppermint is a vital essential oil for easing digestive discomfort, heartburn, menstrual cramps, muscle aches and pains and also any concerns that need the aid of an antibacterial treatment or anti-inflammatory treatment. Peppermint also works to increase oxygen absorption which makes it perfect to have before the gym. Simply add 5drops to 20ml of carrier oil and rub onto the tummy.

If you are seeking some help to improve your memory and concentration, Clary Sage is your answer. A key component of the Essential Oil Emergency Kit, Clary Sage will work to help increase your focus and stimulate memory if you are studying for an exam or if you’re needing an extra boost to help with work. Perfect added to distilled water in a diffuser. Perfect for burning while you are studying.

For treatment of fungal conditions such as athlete’s foot, Tea Tree is the ideal essential oil and saves the day in emergencies! Used as a topical first aid treatment, Tea Tree is applied to skin irritations and can ease conditions like eczema and psoriasis. I recommend to add pure tea tree to a carrier oil.

One of my favourites in the kit (they really are all my favourite though!) is Fennel Sweet. Fennel Sweet is a flowering plant that actually belongs to the carrot family. Used traditionally in India as a digestive aid after food is consumed, Fennel Sweet is known for it’s abilities to ease digestive discomfort and bloating. With a strong licorice-like taste, Fennel Sweet is very handy to have around especially with Christmas coming up and all the festive activities that involve more indulgent foods. Rub a few drops onto the tummy for

If you are finding home or the workplace is suffering from higher levels of tension or stress, consider burning some Bergamot in a diffuser. The calming aroma of Bergamot is felt instantly and it truly works wonders on the body. In addition to purifying the airways and calming the body, many of my patients mix the Herbs Online Shop Bergamot oil with a carrier oil and apply this topically to purify the skin. This one really does come in handy and is why it is an absolute must in the Emergency Kit. 

For pain and elimination of toxins, our Essential Oil Emergency Kit contains Clove for it’s specific abilities to eliminate bacteria and it’s high levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants also include eugenol (which works to stop oxidative damage on the body) and vitamin C. Clove also works in the reduction of stomach ulcers and helps with the regulation of blood sugar levels. When using Clove essential oil you can combine this with the Frankincense essential oil which is also included in the Essential Oil Emergency Kit, this is a really great combination as Frankincense works to enhance the effects of other oils. Frankincense also reduces inflammation in the body, relieves headaches, soothes hyperactivity, supports skin tissue recovery and like Peppermint it helps with clarity and focus of the mind. Finally, we include Lemongrass for it’s incredible abilities to ease muscles that are overworked and overtired. As a natural cleanser, it is the perfect essential oil to finish off this beautiful kit as it works to restore and rejuvenate the body by removing toxins and offering many soothing and calming benefits, plus it smells amazing! 

The Essential Oil Emergency Kit is ideal for a Chrissy present, however if you don’t already have a kit, consider getting one as I really do recommend to all my patients that they have these essential oils handy for those times when accidents do happen!

As always, if you have any questions at all please do get in touch. You can call on (02) 9555 5117 for a free consultation anytime. If you’re not already, please do follow us on social media – Instagram: @herbsonlineshop and Facebook: Herbs Online Shop.


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