Detox Herbal Extract Drops – Slim Down for Summer! By Karen Morris

Warmer weather is fast approaching which means Summer is not far. I’ve had a lot of clients recently ask me for ways in which they can slim down without having to do hours of cardio or miss out on a cheeky red wine here and there! This is precisely why we created our Herbs Online Shop, Detox Herbal Extract Drops. 

Our Detox Herbal Extract Drops are created specifically using St Marys Thistle, Dandelion Root, Burdock, Pau D Arco, Globe Artichoke, Celery and Alfalfa and are designed to assist your body to eliminate toxins that have detrimental effects on our health causing early ageing, fatigue, digestive issues, anxiety and brain fog. Our Detox Herbal Extract Drops are designed using ingredients that boast a high amount of antioxidants, which are proven to fight free radicals. 

It is such a crucial time to be detoxing because never has our environment been so polluted. Chemicals can be found in our food, water and environment because of a growing population. With this we are exposed daily to toxins that need to be eliminated for optimal health. It is also important to remember that our body creates its own toxins when we are highly stressed, which is why a healthy diet, plenty of clean water, sleep and “down time” are so important. 

One of the founding ingredients in our Detox Herbal Extract Drops is St. Marys Thistle which works hard to remove toxins. We use Dandelion root for liver support because it is our liver which is responsible for our body’s ability to detox.  Dandelion works fantastically as a diuretic, which allows the liver and kidneys to flush away excess water and waste. We also use Burdock Root because it is known as a “cleansing herb” and Pau D’Arco because it is fantastic at “waking up” the digestive system, which keeps food moving through the body and allows for a thorough cleansing of excess fats and toxins. For an alkalising and nutrient dense punch we use celery and alfalfa to replenish minerals and reduce inflammation. 

This is a truely wonderful addition to any health regime and will provide instant benefits. One of my patients recently called it her “absolute favourite” and said it has allowed her to feel more herself. If you would like to know more about this supplement please do get in touch and remember we post direct to you. 

In conjunction with our Detox Herbal Extract Drops, I like to include Slippery Elm Powder into my patients detox protocols. Slippery Elm Powder is a wonderful supplement to include when detoxing as it helps to fill the stomach when slimming, while also providing support to the gut during detoxification. I’ve had several patients report that by using both the Detox Herbal Extract Drops and the Slippery Elm Powder that they were able to heal faster and feel an overall sense of well-being much sooner.

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