Cough Syrup Liquid Herbal Tonic

Cough Syrup Liquid Herbal Tonic

Karen Morris

Winter is here and its time to prevent colds and flu while nipping in the bud any signs of sniffles or sneezes! Our Natural Cough Tonic is a natural, non-drowsy cough herbal with a syrupy consistency and contains herbs such as marshmallow root, thyme, mullein and Pelargonium. This formula in particular is one of our most popular formulas, giving great relief for children and adults. This formula also has zero side effects.

So what are the ingredients of this formula? First of all, we use marshmallow root which has a long history as a treatment for coughs and sore throats. The herb can ease irritation from coughing due to its high mucilage content. Mucilage is a thick, gluey substance that coats the throat. Many of my clients report immediate relief due to the consistency of the formula which has immediate soothing effects. Marshmallow root is also used as a pain reliever as you can see by this study

We also use thyme as it is a popular remedy for cough, sore throat, bronchitis, and digestive issues. One study found that a cough syrup consisting of thyme relieved coughing more effectively and more rapidly than a placebo syrup in people with acute bronchitis. Antioxidants in the plant may be responsible for its benefits.

Pelargonium (idoides) helps reduce recovery time and symptoms of acute bronchitis and clears sinuses. Pelargonium also demonstrated “moderate evidence for efficacy” in treating uncomplicated respiratory infections. 

At this time of the year it is important to keep in mind the power of rest and hydration. We often need a little more sleep in winter so be mindful of this and if you can, try and catch an extra hour or two of sleep each night. Hydration is also very important to keep up even though we may not be feeling thirsty like we would in summer, our bodies still require adequate hydration to keep flushing out toxins, which could otherwise build up in our systems and cause us to get sick. At this time, it is also crucial to be providing the body with adequate vitamins but also micro vitamins, which we find in fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. All of these things help to build the immune system and allow our body enough energy to fight off colds, flus and other viruses. Please note, if a cough is severe or persists for more than a few weeks, it is essential to seek medical advice. 

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