Cough Syrup By Karen Morris

We are definitely feeling the cold here in Sydney and there is a pretty nasty flu going around! This week, my very popular Cough Syrupis flying off the shelves, so I thought it would be beneficial to detail exactly why this syrup is so popular. 

The Herbs Online Shop Cough Syrup is a natural, non-drowsy supplement with a typical consistency similar to the ones you are used to using. However, unlike other cough syrups, the Herbs Online Shop Cough Syrup contains natural herbs including Marshmallow Root, Thyme and Pelargonium which is suitable for both parents and children and has no side effects.

One of the ingredients we use in this wonderful syrup is Marshmallow Root which can ease irritation caused by coughing.  This is due to mucilage content, a thick, honey-like substance that soothes the throat. Marshmallow Root is a herb that has a long history of use as a treatment for coughs and sore throats.  In addition to Marshmallow we use Thyme due to the antibacterial and antispasmodic properties that are perfect for sore throats, bronchitis and digestive issues, and of course coughing! Pelargonium is also used to help shorten the recovery time for anyone currently suffering from the dreaded cold or flu.

In addition to Cough Syrup, Vitamin C is an essential supplement at this time of year, and of course we have plenty of this in stock too. It is important to keep your hydration levels up during this time especially as we naturally don’t drink as much in Winter as we do in Summer due to the cold, but our body’s absolutely require the same amount of water, even if you’re not sweating that much! Remember to get to bed early too, in Winter it is normal for our bodies to require an extra hour or so of sleep. 

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