Client Testimony

As we wrap up what has been a very busy year, I would love to use this week’s blog as an opportunity to share a client testimony. Ellie McInerney is a writer for Fitness First Magazine and loves all things health and fitness. Ellie completed the last www.herbsonlineshop.com30 Day Challenge and got amazing results. In addition to this, I have been working closely with Ellie on her gut health for a long time now and she has made some major improvements. Read on to find out what Ellie had to say about her experience.

“I have been working closely with Karen for most of 2018 and I am beyond grateful that I found her. When I first met with Karen, I was eating foods everyday that I was allergic to but I had no idea! I had no idea I was intolerant to eggs and my tummy would feel bloated every day and I tried everything to fix it. When I went to see Karen at her clinic in Rozelle she did a Food Intolerance Test on me and within minutes we had the results right there in front of us. I was highly intolerant to eggs, and mildly intolerant to legumes and dairy. Since cutting these things out of my life, my health has improved SO much and my tummy is flat and happy with zero bloating. I have also been using Karen’s liquid herbal extracts which she makes up specifically for me, according to what health concern I would like to work on. Sometimes my herbs are focused on detoxing, sometimes we focus on skin, sometimes we focus on energy and sometimes we focus on anxiety. Karen has herbs and supplements that support ALL of these things and I have found that every single time we focus on one specific area, it improves dramatically.

I am currently training for a bodybuilding show, and Karen has had a huge help in my ability to recover as well as perform my best in the gym. Her supplements help me get the most out of my training sessions and I am so grateful for that. I also sleep so much better with Karen’s herbs and wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to work hard.

I find the challenges to be SO helpful, because I need a goal to keep me motivated, and the Herbs Online Shop 30 Day Challenges offer this to me. I’ve got all my family and friends doing them too. Karen is such a caring person, I feel totally comfortable opening up to her and asking questions, plus the delivery of my herbs and supplements in the post makes it SOOOO easy!! If you are wanting to transform your health, I highly recommend Karen and her team at Thank you Karen!”


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