Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil – The perfect gift for Christmas! By Karen Morris

At this time of year, it brings me much happiness to enjoy the heart-warming, rich scent of cinnamon from my collection of essential oils. The Herbs Online Shop Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is not only 100% organic but is full of some very impressive health benefits too. If you are looking for a thoughtful, healthy and mood-boosting gift for yourself or a loved one, our Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Christmas time tends to bring out a lot of candles and new scents in the air, however did you know a lot of these candles and air scents are actually incredibly toxic. According to in an article titled “Scented Candles Can Release Millions of Toxic Chemicals in Your Home” the sheer amount of chemicals from traditional candles is comparable to the fumes of a diesel car.

“Most candle wax is made of paraffin, a petroleum waste product that creates highly toxic benzene and toluene when it is burned. A new investigation has found that some types of scented candles are releasing more particles than a diesel car that has been left running.

One type of beeswax candle, in particular, is said to cleanse the air as it burns. When researchers burned the candle in a laboratory, however, it produced 675 million particles.

“It’s introducing a larger number of particles than you’d get from a diesel car left running for 40 minutes,” said Douglas Booker of the National Air Quality Testing Services(NAQTS). “Those particles may not be as toxic as the ones you’d get from diesel, but the sheer number is so high, you can’t say it’s improved the quality of the air.”

You can see why burning essential oils is a much better option, especially since the burning of essential oil is not only free of toxins but in fact it actually helps the body to heal, providing nourishing benefits to the body, mind and soul that can see significant improvements in inflammation levels, circulation and even relief of depression. Some of the benefits of our Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil include;

  • decreasing inflammation
  • increasing circulation
  • fights viruses
  • relieve depression
  • stimulate the immune system
  • stimulate libido
  • fight parasites

Not only is our Cinnamon Essential Oil a truly beautiful smell, it also boasts the health benefits of Cinnamon. 

At this time of year I absolutely love to have some of this rich cinnamon essential oil burning, the spicy aroma literally fills the home with a decadent feel that to me is the perfect reminder that Christmas is on the way. If you would like to purchase some Cinnamon Essential Oil as a gift for yourself, a co-worker, a loved one or to use as a stocking filler or secret Santa gift, then please do get in touch. 

You can place your order today by calling 02 9555 5117 or simply place your order online here – Cinnamon bark essential oil link

Please also have a look for our Cinnamon Liquid Herbal Extract. 

Did you know that cinnamon is a blood sugar stabiliser and is very good for the treatment of insulin resistance and other blood sugar disorders? 

Cinnamon bark improves the ability of the individual to respond to insulin thereby normalizing the blood sugar levels of the person.  In fact cinnamon bark is found to also inhibit the enzyme that inactivates the insulin receptors and it also helps in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol, hence making it effective in preventing heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

Taking just 2ml twice a day of the Cinnamon herb liquid extract will greatly benefit the balance of blood sugar levels.

You can place your order today by calling 02 9555 5117 or simply place your order online here – Cinnamon extract link

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