Christmas Season Survival Guide By Karen Morris

Christmas is nearly here and all of a sudden champagne glasses are starting to appear.  The diary is getting full and tempting calories are everywhere you look! 

This time of year is generally a pretty busy one and quite often we can head into the New Year and be back in our regular routines without feeling like we even had a break! 

This year, Herbs Online Shop is dedicated to making sure that you get to enjoy Christmas too, that means supporting your health throughout the whole festive season so you feel energised, balanced and well rested.

Alcohol is popping up more and more now and over drinking can cause drowsiness, low moods and not to mention terrible hangovers! 

To help with this we have our Herbs Online Shop Magnesium Carbonicum Homeopathic Remedy to assist with the dehydration that comes along with having one too many glasses of bubbles. Mag Carb is a homeopathic remedy that helps with overall feelings of dehydration, exhaustion, restless sleep and jittery nerves.

Aso, Nux Vomica homeopathic remedy is excellent for gas and cholic after eating rich food or drinking too much alcohol.

Magnesium works by calming nerves and muscles and has been proven to help with migraines and depression too. It is particularly useful for those who exercise a lot as magnesium is wonderfully helpful with preventing muscle spasms and cramps while also working to ease colic pain of the stomach and intestines (often caused by vomiting and constipation).  

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With work, family and other festive commitments, our adrenal systems are being worked overtime during Christmas. For this we have our beautiful blend of rehmania, skullcap, passionflower and withania which forms our Adrenal Fatigue Tonic. The Herbs Online Shop Adrenal Fatigue Tonic is crafted with our herbal extracts traditionally used for stress, anxiety and insomnia. 

This is a particularly useful herbal blend to have around at this time of the year as it’s a much healthier option when you feel fatigue and stress setting in. Sometimes these uncomfortable feelings have us reaching for quick comforters like alcohol or sweets and at Christmas they are usually not too far away! The Adrenal Fatigue Tonic is a nourishing, effective and much healthier option and unlike alcohol or sweets, it will actually get you feeling good and keep you feeling good! It is also a very effective herbal tonic for food cravings and can help with weakened immunity, making it a good option if you start to feel the beginning of a cold setting in.

Another handy herb to have around at this time of the year is the Herb Online Shop Gymnema Liquid Herb Extract which is very useful for diabetes, high cholesterol and sweet cravings. 

It’s important to remember to take care of yourself this festive season as often we are so busy tending to everyone else that we easily forget about ourselves. If you’re looking for advice on nutrition, staying on track with your diet, alcohol alternatives or just staying energised and mentally balanced, please do give me a call to discuss how my homeopathic remedies and liquid herbs can be of help to you or a loved one this Christmas.

As always, if you have any questions about anything at all please give me a call on 02 9555 5117 and if you’re not already, why not follow Herbs Online Shop on both Instagram and Facebook for more health and well-being news, as well as special announcements.


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