Cholesterol Herbal Liquid Extract

Karen Morris

At some point or another, cholesterol is a subject that many of us have discussed in a doctor’s office. With both “good” and “bad” cholesterol it’s easy to get confused about the function of cholesterol in the body and when it can become a health concern.

I have many patients who are currently using my Cholesterol Herbal Liquid Extract to reduce their risk of heart disease, lower blood sugar levels, reduce sugar cravings and to stabilise their current cholesterol levels.  

Read on to find out why the “right” kind of cholesterol is so important and reducing the “bad” kind of cholesterol can save one’s life. 

So what exactly is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a fat-like substance made by the liver and it can also be found in the food you eat; this is then packaged into proteins called lipoproteins. There are two different kinds of lipoproteins, Low Density Lipoprotein LDL (known as the ‘bad’) and High Density Lipoprotein HDL (known as the ‘good’). Your body needs cholesterol to make hormones and vitamin D and a substance that helps you digest food called bile, but it is very important to reduce the LDL cholesterol, as this is the kind that can contribute to an increase in severe health risks like heart attacks and strokes. 

Our Cholesterol Herbal Liquid Extract is crafted using a blend of herbal extracts traditionally used to help with stabilising high cholesterol levels. 

We use a blend of very specific herbs including Gymnema, Globe Artichoke, Rhubard, Korean Ginseng and Albizia. 

These herbs work magically together to assist in lowering sugar cravings, improving blood flow throughout the body, reducing heart disease risk and to support the “good cholesterol” or the HDL in the body.

 Gymnema may also help to lower the LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels (fatty deposits) while research has also shown it to be significant at influencing fat absorption in the body. Korean Ginseng (Tienchi Ginseng) is standardized to researched bioactive Ginsenosides, which also demonstrate cardio protective benefits to promote healthy heart function and reduce oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Additionally, Tienchi possesses antioxidant, anti-ageing, haemostatic, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant and neuroprotective properties.

So how does cholesterol work in the body? When it comes to LDL, this cholesterol travels through the bloodstream delivering cholesterol to the cells that need it, but if your body has too much LDL it can build up in the walls of your arteries. LDL and other substances in your artery wall form a fatty deposit called plaque and it is this plaque that over time, begins to narrow the artery and reduce blood flow. 

A common place for this to occur is in your coronary arteries which are the blood vessels that feed your heart. This plaque build-up causes coronary artery disease and increases your risk of a heart attack. Plaque build-up in other arteries such as the carotid arties in your neck can reduce blood flow to your brain and increase the risk of a stroke. 

Some of my patients have experienced heart attacks in the past and through changing their diet and improving their lifestyle to reflect more balance and health, they have been able to transform their lives. High levels of LDL cholesterol does not mean you are destined to always have high levels of cholesterol. 

We can thank our livers for also making HDL, this is a high density lipoprotein which removes excess cholesterol from your cells, tissues and from plaque in your blood vessels. 

With the help of our Cholesterol Liquid Herbal Extract, you can support the levels of HDL in the body. HDL actually returns the excess cholesterol to your liver, which removes it from your body.

In a large review of over 700 people,  Globe Artichoke Leaf Extract (one of the main ingredients in our herbal extract) led to a reduction in LDL (“bad”) cholesterol over a period of 5 – 13 weeks, which in turn is going to help improve your levels of HDL.  This study was published on pub med

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