New 30 Day Challenge!!

New 30 Day Challenge!! Karen Morris This week was a busy one! A brand new www.herbsonlineshop.com challenge is underway and so far the feedback has only been positive. To recap, this new challenge involves 8 glasses of water a day 10k steps a day No sugar If you haven’t already, head over to Facebook and…

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30 Day www.herbsonlineshop.com Challenge

30 Day www.herbsonlineshop.com Challenge is here!!! 👇 For 30 days starting 🎖MONDAY 20th August 🎖we are giving our health a makeover! It’s time to get the nasties out, and the goodies in! 30 days 👉No sugar 👉No diet soda 👉No gluten 👉No fried food 👉No white bread AND 👉30 minutes exercise a day 🏋️‍♀️🏊‍♂️ Better…

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What does a Naturopath Do?

What does a Naturopath Do? Karen Morris If you’ve never enlisted the help of a naturopath before – welcome! Here at herbsonlineshop.com my goal is to provide plenty of helpful information to assist you in becoming your healthiest, happiest self. The role of a naturopath is to help the patient lay solid foundations for a…

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