Beat the Winter flu with Herbs Online Shop

LUNG HERBAL – Beat the Winter flu with Herbs Online Shop

Karen Morris

In this week’s blog I would love to share my winter herbal for lung health, my absolute best seller at this time of year that is suitable and safe for the whole family. Herbsonlineshop’s Lung Herbal is used for helping to fight and reduce the length and severity of viral lung infections. Consisting of lomatium, B sculcap, licorice root, Mullein, Elecampane, Pleurisy root and poke root herbal extracts, this herbal can be taken in 5ml doses once to twice daily.  Lomatium (lomatium dissectum) contains antiviral properties that have been shown to be a potent treatment for viral illnesses such as influenza and is extremely important in supporting the respiratory system during the winter.

Baical Skullcap and Licorice are antiviral phytomedicines, which means they will support your immune system against winter lung viruses. Mullein contains approximately 3 percent mucilage, which is thought to be responsible for the soothing actions that mullein has on the body’s mucous membranes. Mullein Liquid Herb Extract may be helpful with Bronchitis, cold, flu, coup, pharyngitis and is a key ingredient in this herbal. Elecampane (Inula helenium) has been long valued as a tonic herb for the respiratory system. And finally, Pleurisy root, this is used for coughs, swelling of the lining of the lungs (pleurisy), swelling of the air sacs in the lungs (pneumonitis), swelling of the airways (bronchitis), influenza, and swine flu.

During the winter months, it’s very important we look after our immune system by taking care of our general health. Sleep, relaxation, herbal tonics and supplementation, plenty of nourishing wholefoods and micronutrients (like dark green veggies, sprouts, herbs and vitamins) and plenty of filtered water will all contribute to greater health and cruising through these next few months with ease. If you are needing a little extra help with sorting out a diet plan that incorporates more micronutrients and wholefoods that can support your immune system, please get in touch. As a qualified Nutritionist I love to assist my clients with their health and wellbeing goals and food plays a huge part in this.

In addition to the above Lung Herbal we also stock Vitamin C. Our Vitamin C dosage is 2000MG – 3000MG (depending on bowel tolerance) and works very well as a treatment, with evidence supporting its positive effect on the immune system. According to this report in Pub Med some studies show that vitamin C can reduce the duration of a cold by as much as 24 to 36 hours. It is important to keep in mind that the high doses of vitamin C can sometimes upset the stomach and even cause diarrhoea in some people. You can find your choice of Vitamin C here:

Vitamin C – 60tablets and Liposomal Vitamin C 120ml (Vegetarian)

(Liposomal delivery provides a well-tolerated, easily absorbed and highly bioavailable form of vitamin C without any unpleasant side-effects).

If you are wanting to learn more about our Lung Herbal please do get in touch or, if you would like to know more about any of our herbs and supplements give us a call on 02 9555 5117. At Herbs Online Shop we post direct to you, saving you time and money, simply place your order of herbs online or on the phone and we send your herbs and supplements to you the same day! Want to know more? Why not join the Herbs Online Shop community and follow us on Instagram @herbsonlineshop and Facebook, Herbs Online Shop. 


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