Baical Skullcap

Karen Morris 

This week I would like to focus on a herb that is particularly useful for anxiety, stress and even issues of the gut like IBS. With a primary focus on alleviating anxiety, I prescribe Baical Skullcap to patients who are suffering from sleep issues, nervousness, overwhelm and depression. 

Baical Skullcap has a very powerful effect on the nervous system and can promote peaceful sleep as it works as a sedative, calming the nervous system and allowing the mind to quieten from nervous chatter. It is also used as widespread pain relief in the body which is just one of the other ways Skullcap works to promote rest. So what is it exactly about Skullcap that allows the body to reap such a variety of benefits? It all has to do with the chemical makeup of the herb, particularly several key compounds which inhibit the body’s production of histamine and leukotriene, which lead to allergies and symptoms of hayfever. 

The reason why I prescribe Skullcap for IBS symptoms is due to it’s an anti-inflammatory nature which promotes healing in the body. It is a wonderful herb which can truly assist the gut microbiome to restore and revitalise itself after the harmful and irritating effects of IBS. As the body reduces inflammation, patients who suffer from Arthritis notice a huge relief in their symptoms too, with one patient experiencing great reduction in symptoms from arthritis in her hands and wrists. 

There have been several studies of late that are spotlighting Skullcap as a potential preventative measure against Alzheimer’s disease, due to the way the flavonoids in the herb work to protect the hippocampal neurons. I have no doubt this herb has a very positive effect on brain health as it helps patients feel clarity and less stress in only a few days.  In some cases, Baical Skullcap is used to assist patients who are seeking support from withdrawal symptoms due to drug, food or alcohol abuse. 

As you can see, the multitude of benefits of Skullcap truly make it a fantastic herbal supplement for anyone dealing with stress, anxiety and the intricate complications in the body that accompany this. 

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