Are you looking to increase your Vitamin D?

By Karen Morris

This week, I’d love to talk about the benefits of Vitamin D.

Are you getting enough, and do you know the value of this power-packed Vitamin?

Many people may not be meeting the minimum requirement for Vitamin D, especially in Australia, where we are not likely to be gaining the correct sun exposure due to working long hours indoors and covering up when we go out.

For people with moderately fair skin, adequate Vitamin D levels are likely to be maintained by a summer walk outside, with arms exposed for around 6 – 7 minutes. In winter, it can be more difficult to maintain the right exposure, of 7 – 40 minutes.

People at high risk of Vitamin D deficiency are those with fair skin, those with a past history of skin cancer and people with compromised immune systems.

A deficiency in Vitamin D in older people is usually a precursor to falls and is usually associated with muscle weakness and impaired balance.

A wide range of other diseases have also been associated with Vitamin D deficiency, such as auto-immune diseases, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, some cancers, microbial and respiratory diseases, and some neurological and mental health issues.

The effects of supplementing with Vitamin D are to maintain Calcium absorption to optimise bone health and muscle function, help to control infections, reduce inflammation, reduce cancer cell growth, and keep your immune system healthy.

Some dietary sources of Vitamin D include wild-caught fatty fish, liver, eggs, and some dairy. For many people, dietary Vitamin D intake is limited.

That’s why, here at Herbs Online Shop, we recommend taking a high quality, managed dose that you can supplement daily.

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