An introduction to Flower Essences and Liquid Herbal Extracts

An introduction to Flower Essences and Liquid Herbal Extracts
Karen Morris

What are Flower Essences?

If you’ve never heard of flower essences, the idea can seem a little odd at first, however, the healing properties of certain flowers have been known for thousands of years, especially by Indigenous Australians. Flower essences hold therapeutic healing properties that can rejuvenate and replenish not only the body, but the soul too. At my Just For Your Health clinic in Rozelle, my flower essences are some of my most popular therapies for clients. So what exactly are flower essences? A powerful source of botanical medicine, flower essences assist the body’s own ability to heal and can ease conditions that cause limitations to the mind, such as old, negative thought patterns and beliefs. Flower essences help the body to release sadness, guilt and grief and make room for higher frequency vibrations that allow the chakra system to find balance and peace.

Here’s a brief introduction to two of my best selling flower essences

Emergency Essence Australian Bush Flower Remedy
This flower remedy can help anyone struggling with some kind of emotional distress, from fear, panic, and grief, it has a calming effect during stress or crisis. This essence can provide ease and comfort for anyone who may be waiting for medical assistance. 7 Drops under the tongue is all that is required and can be administered every hour until medical assistance arrives. The essences in this remedy include Angelsword, Crowea, Dog Rose of the Wild Forces, Fringed Violet, Grey Spider Flower, Sundew and Waratah.

Sturt Desert Pea
Sturt Desert Pea flower essence is said to help in resolving sadness or grief that has lingered for too long, this essence is created for those seeking relief, rejuvenation and a new beginning. As one of the most powerful essences and the floral emblem of South Australia, this essence can help people release built up pain and suffering.

What are Liquid Herbal Extracts?

Liquid Herbal Extracts are fresh plant medicines that are easily absorbed by the body, allowing them to assist the body in all types of healing processes. Liquid herbal extracts have been used for thousands of years and with little to no side effects, they offer powerful, therapeutic healing benefits for the mind, body and soul. Here are just some of my most popular Liquid Herbal Extracts:

Albizia Liquid Herb Extract
The Albizia Liquid Herb Extract is useful for anyone suffering from those frustrating hay fever symptoms like a runny nose or itchy eyes. It may also be helpful for asthma, dermatitis and urticaria symptoms. Studies have shown that this particular herb is best used at the very onset of asthma symptoms.

Mouth Wash Herb Drops
Perfect for the treatment of ulcers and tender gums, my Mouth Wash Herb Drops are created using Calendula, Goldenseal, Myrrh and Sage for soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits that can ease the discomfort of irritating mouth conditions such as ulcers, tooth decay and bleeding gums.

Blood Pressure Herbal Extract
Blood Pressure Herbal Extract drops can assist anybody who is currently managing high blood pressure. These herbal extract drops are created using hawthorn, lime flowers, olive leaf, celery and cramp bark.

Low Immune Herbal Extract Drops
Best used at the first sight of an infection, these herbal extract drops are traditionally used to help the body fight infection. Created using Astragalus, Echinacea, Olive Leaf, Elderberry and Pelargonium.

Allergy Herb Extract Drops
Allergy Herb Extract Drops are created using Albizia, Burdock, Nettle and Calendula and can assist anyone suffering from allergies that may result in symptoms like rashes, headaches, hives or fever.

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