5 Key Vitamins to Help Anxiety

5 Key Vitamins to Help Anxiety
Karen Morris

Anxiety can cause sleepless nights, upset tummies and a feeling of hopelessness. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1 in 14 young Australians suffer from an anxiety disorder. This is the equivalent of 278, 000 people, which means you very well may know someone who is struggling with this today, perhaps it is yourself.

As a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Homeopath, it is my passion to help those suffering from disorders that are causing unbalanced bodies and minds. From gut health to reducing stress, my custom made natural medicines including liquid herbal extracts and homeopathic remedies, are able to significantly reduce levels of stress and tension in the body, promoting a calm, happier gut and mind. If you think you may be suffering from anxiety, here are my top 5 key vitamins that can help. As part of my custom-made products, I also include ingredients such as passionflower, chamomile, withania and lime flowers, all of which have been used traditionally to help ease symptoms of anxiety.
If you would like a consultation, and to discuss how my products can help you, why not get in touch or have a look at our online store to see what we can offer you.

B vitamins like thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2) and niacin (vitamin B3) all help to keep mood stable. You can find these vitamins in rich, dark leafy green vegetables such as kale and spinach. Some of the supplements I stock that contain B-Vitamins include Bioceuticals Adrenoplex, Ultra Muscleze and Migraine Care.

The perfect supplement to have before bed, magnesium helps support the body’s central nervous system and acts as a muscle relaxant. Magnesium can also reduce cramps in the body and is especially useful for athletes or anybody doing a lot of exercise.

Valerian Root
Valerian root can assist with insomnia as it has been shown to have sedative and anxiolytic effects, meaning it can help reduce anxiety and promote a sense of calm within the body and mind.

Fish Oil
Healthy fats like Omega 3’s found in Fish Oil have been shown to assist the central nervous system and maintain healthy cognitive function. Wild Alaskan salmon contains eight fatty acids, making it the perfect meal with a side of leafy greens if you’re after a meal that’s good for body and mind. At herbsonlineshop.com we stock several ranges of fish oil – why not get in touch today to find out which one suits you best?

Exercise may not be a vitamin, but when you exercise outdoors you’ll be enjoying the mood boosting benefits of Vitamin D! Exercise has been proven to help reduce cortisol levels in the body and elevate your mood, thanks to the boost of endorphins we receive after a good workout.


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