Top Fifteen Self – Care Tips to Stress Less: 

Karen Morris

I would like to use this blog as an opportunity to share my top fifteen tips to reduce stress. It is crucial we reduce cortisol levels to ensure we keep our immune system functioning at it’s absolute best. Stress is one of the main factors of disease and a weakened immune system can make us vulnerable to it. Below are my top 15 quick ideas to help reduce stress during this time of isolation. At this stage, we are still able to leave the home to exercise, so my number one tip is to get out of the house when you can, and go for a walk, fresh air is so important for health and so good for the soul.

  1. Go for a walk.
  2. Video call a friend – You can FaceTime, Instagram call or use Google Hangouts.
  3. Home workout – check out the many different kinds on YouTube.
  4. Guided Meditations (my favourite) – plenty for you to pick from on YouTube.
  5. Take up a new hobby – have you tried cake decorating? Knitting? Singing? Gardening? What is something you’ve always wanted to do but have struggled to find the time?
  6. Draw – get in touch with your creative side.
  7. Learn a new language – check out Duo Lingo for easy to learn language education.
  8. Read!
  9. Rest from “brain filing time”.  We are so used to being busy, busy, busy. It  is important to let your mind rest and recoup, so enjoy as much as you can of your downtime with no self-judgement.  Like simply sitting and watching the day go by, daydreaming or watching your favourite shows.
  10. Treat this time like a normal day – stick to your routines, get up early, shower, grab a coffee and fill the rest of the time with what you love.
  11. Write a list of your goals for 2020 and create an action plan on how to achieve them.
  12. Write in a journal.
  13. Learn a new skill or game – you can still play card games and many board games online.
  14. Detox – enjoy herbal supplements, green juices and limit sugar. 
  15. Cuddle your loved ones (as long as they are willing 😊) and always your pets!

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